Proven Winners SHRUBS

Shrubs (also called bushes) play an important role in home landscaping.  Shrubs are woody perennial plants with multiple stems that provide visual interest and structure, as well as privacy and traffic control planted in the ground and in containers.  Used solo, a shrub can be a dramatic a focal point.  In groupings, they become garden plants or hedges, creating privacy, windbreaks, and screens.   

Proven Winners ColorChoice® shrubs come from talented, innovative breeders located all over the world, then tested and trialed in North America for a minimum of 5 years before being introduced.  These are the special traits we look for:

Prices start at $9.88 (for the quart size) and up.

Hardiness in more zones Easy care with less pruning
Prolific blooms Dwarf or compact growth habit
Continuous color (foliage, bark, seeds) Unique appearance or use
Multiple seasons of interest Superior overall performance