Celebration Maple
Celebration Maple

Celebration Maple

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The Celebration Maple Tree is a hybrid of silver and red maples, making it a visually stunning shade tree that grows incredibly fast. This variety can grow up to 7 feet per year, which makes it one of the best choices for quick shade and near-instant privacy

For homeowners who don't want to wait too long for their yard to look "established," the Celebration Maple is their best bet. Unlike some other shade trees, this high performer will heighten quickly, each year looking more like a generations-old property fixture.

In addition to its rapid growth, the Celebration Maple delivers gorgeous foliage spring through fall. And as autumn begins, this fast-growing maple will ignite in bright yellow-orange and red-orange hues. Then, its distinct leaves will turn redder and darker, offering you a display of sunset colors through the entire fall season.

Even in the winter, the Celebration Maple will stand out in your yard. Its trunk and branches are strong and can easily handle the weight of snow and ice and the strain of severe wind.

What's more, this hardy maple resists breakage with its pyramidal form with a dense crown. You can expect to see your Celebration Maple withstand the ups and downs of all four seasons, surviving and thriving!