Proven Winners Clematis
Proven Winners Clematis
Proven Winners Clematis
Proven Winners Clematis

Proven Winners Clematis

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HAPPY JACK PURPLE - It's a super easy-to-grow clematis with great color and large flowers! Grows 72-96".
Velvety plum-purple flowers with intriguing center highlights and bright yellow stamens characterize this version of the ever-popular 'Jackmanii' clematis. This early and long-flowering beauty blooms from mid-summer into fall, and is noted for its intense purple flower color and large (3-5" blooms). It flowers on new wood and old wood so you simply prune it back to 2 feet each spring. Winner of a Green Thumb award from the Direct Gardening Association. 
Top three reasons to grow Happy Jack® Purple clematis:
  • Better color and bigger flowers than the popular 'Jackmanii' clematis
  • Very long bloom time
  • Low-maintenance
PINK MINK - Pink flowers; rebloomer; easy-to-grow and continuous rebloomer. Grows 108-120".


SWEET SUMMER LOVE - When the world-renown clematis breeder Szczepan Marczynski of Poland told us he had what amounts to a sweet autumn clematis with red flowers that change to purple and that blooms months earlier, we were all in. The fragrance of sweet autumn clematis is as good as any plant in existence, and the same goes this beauty. Most Clematis can be tricky to grow, with brittle stems that break if you so much as look at them, but this plant is super sturdy and grows like a dream. Anyone can be successful growing this variety. It's as close to perfection as a plant can be. Grows 120-180".

'Sweet Summer Love' gives you everything you want: the flowers, the fragrance, the ease of growth and cranberry-violet blooms that start over a month earlier than others - starting in July in the midwest and northeast, and lasting until mid-September. It will add lots of drama to gardens when trained up a trellis or other support.

The first year you plant it, it does not do much besides grow roots. The next year it takes off, however, it is much more restrained than sweet autumn clematis and does not litter the garden with unwanted seedlings. This plant has what it takes to be the best-selling clematis of all time.

VIVA POLINIA - Star power for your garden and landscape!

'Viva Polonia' is a new, easy-to-grow clematis with large red flowers, each graced with a white star in the center. This long-blooming plant starts its display in early summer, and continues to produce new wood blooms through mid-summer. It's perfect for covering trellises, railings, posts, arbors, pergolas, fences - anything that needs beautifying. Grows 48-72".