Proven Winners Sambucus Elderberry

Proven Winners Sambucus Elderberry

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INSTANT KARMA -  offers neat, clean foliage of interplaying green and white. Lacy flower clusters appear in early summer. If a pollinator (like Black Lace or Black Beauty elderberry) is present, you will get a crop of purple-black fruit in the fall. It attracts pollinators and resists deer and rabbits. 

  • 6-8 feet tall and wide at maturity
  • Grow in zones 4-7
  • Plant in part to full sun (4+ hours daily)

LEMONY LACE -  produces big clusters of white flowers before the finely dissected, cheery gold foliage emerges that ages chartreuse. This deer-resistant plant has little to no maintenance required. It also has bright red fruit that is appealing, although not edible.

  • 3-5 feet tall and wide at maturity
  • Grow in zones 3-7
  • Plant in part to full sun (4+ hours daily)

BLACK LACE -  from Proven Winners has purple-black foliage and is durable and adaptable. Its creamy pink flowers contrast nicely with the dark leaves and blackish red fall berries that attract birds and other wildlife. For berry production you must purchase a pollinator plant, like Instant Karma Elderberry. Leaves, bark, roots and buds can be toxic to pets.

  • 6-8 ft. tall and wide at maturity
  • Partial to full sun (4+ hours) required
  • Hardy in zones 4-7, be sure to check your USDA zone to ensure success


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