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Stevia is a tropical perennial herb grown as an annual. The sugary tasting leaves of stevia are 30 to 40 times sweeter than granulated sugar—and they have no calories. The leaves can be used fresh, dried, or ground as a sugar substitute to sweeten desserts, fruit, and drinks.  

Weight Loss: Stevia plant is very low calorie and is 40-300 times sweeter than sugar, depending on the prevalence of certain extracts. People can eat foods like cakes, cookies, and candy made with stevia without fear of getting calories from sugar.

Blood Pressure: As stated, the stevia plant is a type of glycoside, but relieves the blood vessels in stevia. The goal of treatment is to lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart attack, and reduce your risk of developing heart disease or having a heart attack.

Oral Health: Stevia plant helps reduce the formation of bacteria in the mouth by making a popular contribution to the mouthwashes and mouthwashes. It also prevents decay and gingivitis, which is not done by sucrose.